At the moment when promoting environmental protection and sustainable development, the RelaZzz Metazine platform and adidas Originals jointly released the digital art collection of Japanese emerging artist Tomotatsu Gima Chaolong Ima.

This work recreates the adidas Trefoil Logo in the way of “recycling old things”; by using cardboard fragments of different styles, a neo-retro-style “clover” with environmental protection colors is pieced together, making it a piece that can reflect the current trend of culture.

Play with art. RelaZzz Metazine is building an omni-channel online/offline community that integrates digital collections, art, and trends, including online “digital collections”, “trends, art information” and offline “art exhibitions”, “art store” and so on. The “Digital Collection” released this time is limited to 2,600 copies, and interested friends can go to the RelaZzz Metazine official account to unlock it.

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