What kind of spark will be ignited when technology meets health? Forme® gives the answer. This is a brand designed by an orthopedic surgeon to help people improve their posture and enhance their quality of life. Forme®’s products can not only instantly change your body alignment but also help you establish a good posture foundation, maximizing your potential.

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More Than Just a Product

Forme® is not just a product, but a lifestyle. Its unique design and comfortable wearing experience allow you to improve your physical health while also exuding a confident temperament. Whether it’s work or daily life, Forme® can help you show your best state.


The Combination of Technology and Health

Forme®’s products use patented wearable technology, which trains your body to develop muscle memory that allows you to walk, sit, and stand with great posture and to breathe more deeply without conscious effort. This is the perfect combination of technology and health, a new experience that Forme® brings to you.

The Benefits It Brings to You

What benefits can Forme®’s products bring to you? First, it can help you instantly improve body alignment, correct posture, and reduce neck, back, and shoulder pain. Second, it can relax your shoulders, stand and sit taller, and look and feel more confident. Third, it can reduce injury, pain, and stiffness, improve mobility and balance, speed up recovery, and boost endurance. Finally, it can improve your cognitive wellness, improve focus and breathing.

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