Blue Bottle Coffee Blue Bottle Coffee will launch the “Rare and Single Origin” series of coffee in mainland China for the first time on June 24th – COE#7 from Avatara-Kayao Manor, Aceh Province, Sumatra, Indonesia. This coffee bean is the 7th place in Indonesia’s first COE (Cup of Excellence) in 2021, and the Blue Bottle Global Coffee team appreciates its multi-layered and clear flavor and hopes to share it with coffee lovers around the world. The “Rare and Single Origin” series aims to discover coffee beans of excellent quality, unique flavor and even rare in different production areas; Blue Bottle Coffee will also launch new products in this series.


Sumatran coffee is usually processed wet, but the Avatara-Gayo estate has been sun-processed, giving this batch of coffee a very charming texture, its own mild earthy flavor and round and full body complement each other. A delicate flavor is achieved. A hint of fresh floral aromas of hibiscus and orange blossom are felt, while the juicy sweetness is accentuated with a hint of lychee.

From June 24, the Avatara-Jiayou Manor COE#7 “Rare Single Origin” coffee beans from Aceh, Sumatra will be sold in limited quantities in Blue Bottle Coffee WeChat official mall and Shanghai Yutong store simultaneously.

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