“ONE PIECE” brand new theatrical version “ONE PIECE FILM RED” has released a new trailer after the release of the character modeling settings. In the first wave of trailers, the appearance of Uta (ウタ), who is suspected to be the daughter of “red-haired” Jack, immediately aroused heated discussions among fans. The trailer started with the backs of Jack and Uta, in which Jack said: “Uta, even if we are separated, you She will always be my daughter.” You can also see what Uta will look like when she grows up in the trailer. The trailer ends with Jack’s words: “Listen to me, Uta, there is no peace and equality in this world. ”

The description of ONE PIECE FILM RED reads: “Uta, the most popular singer in the world, with her hidden identity and singing voice called ‘Another Dimension’, will give a live concert and make her first appearance. The colorful pirates and the navy are all looking forward to her performance. They don’t know anything but come to hear her singing. When the Straw Hat Pirates led by Luffy and all kinds of fans crowded the venue, the whole world looked forward to it. The long song is about to resound throughout the world.”

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