Chengdu-based Mingtang Records started the compilation project “Mingtang Four Seasons” in 2020, using “Four Seasons” as the creative theme, its musicians collectively create a concept album full of seasonal atmosphere, one album per season per year. Following “Akodo Spring Special: Hey! and “Akodo Summer Special: Zzzz~”, this time we have “Akodo Autumn Special: Wow! The album will feature 10 musicians from Mingtang Records and 9 new singles. For the album art, Mingtang once again collaborated with artist Xiao ě to create the album cover and single cover with the concept of “Autumn Box”.

Akodo Autumn Special: Wow! will officially debut in October, with the new single “She Ready” included in the album, the debut single from the collaboration between singer MIA AIM Lee and production vampoleez, which interested readers may wish to listen to on all major platforms.

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