Founded in the 1950s, Vitra, a major Swiss furniture manufacturer, continues to collaborate with well-known designers around the world to renovate past classics. This time, it is working with designer Jean Prouvé to recreate his famous work – the “Fauteuil Kangourou” chair.

Not only has a background in metalworking, but also a designer, engineer, and architect, Jean Prouvé is known for his attention to detail and practicality, and is one of the most influential figures in the modern design movement.

The seat has been highly praised since its launch. In addition to its simple and smooth lines, it is more ergonomic. It combines wood and metal textures and uses a curved surface to neutralize its masculine appearance. This time, it is reinterpreted through the perspective of Jean Prouvé’s daughter. , using a warmer oak for a modern aesthetic.

The “Fauteuil Kangourou” seat is limited to 50 pieces and will be available at Vitra campus and online store from June 15th. Interested readers must pay more attention.

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