The authoritative American magazine “TIME” officially announced the list of “Top 100 Influential People in the World” in 2022, which is also classified under six themes of “ICONS”, “PIONEERS”, “TITANS”, “ARTISTS”, “LEADERS” and “INNOVATORS” , including the 100 most influential people who are leading the trend in all walks of life around the world.

First of all, in “ICONS”, you can see Mary J. Blige, who appeared in this year’s 2022 Super Bowl halftime show, as well as Keanu Reeves, Adele, Rafael Nadal and others. Their influence on the world has already surpassed the music they are good at, Performing arts or sports. Then the “TITANS” category can still see Tim Cook selected, and Michelle Yeoh, who was a big hit at the box office of “Damn Multiverse/Wonder Woman Play Save the Universe/Everything Everywhere All at Once”, is quite a surprise.

The “ARTISTS” part includes Andrew Garfield, who once again attracted a lot of attention this year with “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, and starred in “tick, tick… BOOM!”, which made him nominated for the best actor and won the Oscar. Golden Globe Award for Best Actor, and new Catwoman ZoĆ« Kravitz and topical Pete Davidson have made the list. Finally, the “PIONEERS”, “INNOVATORS” and “LEADERS” categories were led by Candace Parker, Zendaya and Mia Mottley respectively.

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