Apple’s newest system debuts at WWDC 2022, bringing the biggest update to Screen Lock ever, the ability to edit and collaborate in Messages, new tools in Mail, and Text As-is to interact with photos and videos The brand-new method of , will be officially updated from today. The following is a point-by-point analysis of the latest functions:

A more personal, beautiful and practical “screen lock”

Screen Lock has been reimagined to be more personal. Users can now add depth-of-field effects to the Lock Screen, bring photo subjects beautifully in time, and even customize font size and font style. New widgets on the Lock Screen give users an overview of useful information such as upcoming calendar trips, battery level, time zone, and the progress of the Activity circle.

The new “Screen Lock” gallery brings a range of image options. Users can choose from their personal gallery a smartly recommended photo that will enhance the “screen lock”, or a series of dynamic photos that will be automatically randomly displayed on the screen throughout the day. The Apple collection includes iconic images from Apple, Pride and Unity backgrounds, Weather backgrounds that show real-time weather conditions as the weather changes throughout the day, and Astronomical backgrounds that see Earth, the moon, and the solar system. Users can also create unique designs with their favorite emoji and color combinations, and with multiple “lock screens”, they can easily switch between their favorite screens with a single swipe.

The redesigned notifications now pop up from the bottom to make the “screen lock” clearer, and users can also choose how they want to view notifications, such as an expanded or collapsed list of notifications, or a direct display of the number of notifications.

“Focus” mode helps you focus and give your best

With iOS 16, Focus Mode is easier to set up and more powerful by linking to Screen Lock, allowing users to simply swipe to a designated lock screen to activate the corresponding Focus Mode . By filtering notifications through Focus Mode, apps such as Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari will only display content relevant to the user’s Focus Mode, helping them achieve balance in their lives.

New ways to interact in Messages

Updates to Messages allow users to edit, retract, or make messages unread to make it easier to stay connected. With iOS 16, users can now invite friends and family to use the Simultaneous Sharing feature via Messages, another way to simultaneously enjoy content like movies or songs and share playback controls. Plus, new collaboration features in Messages make it easier to work with others quickly and smoothly. When a user chooses to share a file through “Messages” for collaboration, everyone in the discussion thread will be automatically added to the shared list. If someone edits the shared file, the activity update will appear at the top of the discussion thread.

Increase productivity with new tools in Mail

Users can now schedule messages in advance, or cancel delivery before messages reach recipients’ inboxes. Users can also use the Remind Me feature to set reminders to review an email later, receive autosuggestions for follow-up if an email goes unanswered, or forget to include recipients or attach files in an email , to get an automatic prompt. For the search function, Mail brings the biggest update in several years, with state-of-the-art technology to provide more relevant, accurate and complete search results.

Enhancements to “Legacy Text”

Users can now long-press a subject in an image to extract it from the background and place it in apps such as Messages.

Using on-device intelligence, Text As It is can now recognize text in videos across systems. Users can pause at any frame of a video to interact with the text and perform quick actions such as copy and paste, translate, convert currency rates, and more.

Passkeys make browsing Safari more secure

Browsing in Safari is even more secure with passkeys, a new generation of credentials that don’t suffer from phishing or data breach threats, making them safer and easier to use. Designed to replace passcodes, the passkey utilizes the biometric capabilities of Touch ID or Face ID, while iCloud Keyring helps sync the passkey to iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV through end-to-end encryption. Passkey is a service launched by Apple in partnership with FIDO Alliance, Google and Microsoft. It will work across apps and networks, allowing users to log in to web pages or apps on non-Apple devices only through their iPhone.

Safari also adds a new “Shared Tab Group” feature, which makes it easy to share a series of web pages with friends and family, allowing you to smoothly join tabs and view content viewed by others.

New accessibility features help master life, stay connected, and more

Updates for Assisted Use include Door Detection, which allows fully blind or low-vision users to successfully complete the last few steps before reaching their destination with the assistance of an iPhone; and Apple Watch “Mirror Output” The feature helps users with physical and motor disabilities, allowing them to mirror the Apple Watch display to the iPhone, so as to control the Apple Watch through “Voice Control” and “Switch Control”. In addition, Live Captioning allows deaf or hard of hearing users to better understand whether they are on a phone or FaceTime call, using video conferencing or social media apps, streaming media content, or talking to someone next to them. Easily keep up with any audio content.

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