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About SwaddleDesigns

The SwaddleDesigns brand was born in 2002. Brand founder Lynette Damir is a mother, an American registered nurse, and a designer.

As a nurse, Lynette is asked by many parents how to take care of a newborn baby, and there is a lot they need to know as new parents. One issue that caught Lynette’s attention was that most households didn’t know how to use swaddle wraps, and most said they couldn’t get the swaddle wrap they wanted at all.

Lynette, who has two children, knows how important swaddles are, a comfortable swaddle and the right way to give baby and parent plenty of rest. So Lynette decided to design her own swaddling wraps to help these families with their problems.

Each SwaddleDesigns product is personally designed by Lynette, who selects each raw material based on the color, texture, durability and quality of the product. SwaddleDesigns not only provides a comfortable experience for babies, but also adds a fashion item to parents.

SwaddleDesigns has been recognized by mainstream hospitals since its inception, and orders come from local mainstream hospitals. Over the past 15 years, SwaddleDesigns, as a world-renowned manufacturer of baby swaddle wraps, has adhered to its professional attitude to provide consumers with fashionable, exquisite and essential baby products. , medical experts and loyal supporters of new parents.

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