Fragrance care brand tamburins, which focuses on fragrance research and development, has launched a new line of fragranced leave-in antibacterial hand gels. This series of products selects three representative fragrance types of tamburins, which not only inhibit bacteria in peace, but also bring a reassuring aroma “hand care” with you.

Tamburins Fragrance Leave-In Antibacterial Hand Gel contains 64% alcohol to ensure 99.99% effective antibacterial and gentle protection of hand health without washing hands with water; at the same time, the gel is carefully added Centella asiatica extract not only hydrates and moisturizes hands, but also achieves multiple effects such as calming and soothing; when using, apply an appropriate amount of gel to hands and wait for the alcohol to fully evaporate, then you can experience three selected fragrances – Long-lasting fragrance with classic Citrus Sandalwood 000, Gentle Floral Woody 7 and Personalized Osmanthus Tobacco 712. In addition to the 30ml single-pack of scented leave-in antibacterial hand gel, the new tamburins series also launched a 30ml three-pack gift box and a 30ml safe transparent small limited-edition gift box.

This series of products will be released simultaneously in the official store of tamburins WeChat applet, HAUS SHANGHAI offline flagship store, and brand Tmall flagship store.

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