KEEN, an environmentally friendly outdoor brand from Portland, USA, and FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL have teamed up for the third time to launch a new NEWPORT RETRO joint shoe. The joint name is based on KEEN’s classic NEWPORT sandals. Its core concept originates from the FUJI ROCK music festival venue. Mr. Guanmura Gudao, the principal of TOKYO HEMP CONNECTION (THC), provided color guidance for the shoes. The collision between music and the outdoors responds to the brand’s advocacy for unrestricted enjoyment of the outdoors.


KEEN’s classic shoe, the NEWPORT RETRO, is a toe-protecting amphibious outdoor performance sandal with a built-to-fit construction and a three-dimensional molded EVA footbed for a comfortable, arch-friendly fit. The EVA midsole provides high cushioning, which can cushion the impact of walking on the soles of the feet. It can walk on muddy roads because of its safety and comfort, and it is suitable for outdoor camping because of its ease of wearing and taking off, allowing outdoor enthusiasts to do whatever they want. Enjoy the joy that nature gives.

Resonating with the concept of “harmonious coexistence of nature and music”, KEEN has been supporting FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL since 2015. As a well-known hardcore outdoor music festival in Asia, FUJI ROCK is held every year in Naeba, Japan, where the weather is changeable, so heavy rain and typhoons have also become the “features” of FUJI ROCK. The color matching of this joint shoe is inspired by the heavy rain mud, and the colorful dots embellished on the olive vamp represent several main stages of FUJI ROCK: Green Stage, White Stage, and the red roof. Red Marquee. Muddy roads and multiple stages are a test for music fans. A pair of comfortable sandals can reduce the fatigue on the way and bring a better outdoor and music experience.

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