In the world of fashion, eyewear has evolved beyond a tool for vision correction into a crucial accessory that speaks volumes about personal style and taste. Pared Eyewear, an Australian brand, has made a name for itself with its refined, pared-back, and sculpted products. Their attention to detail turns each pair of glasses into a unique piece of art.

Drawing inspiration from art, architecture, film, and music, Pared Eyewear infuses these elements into each of their designs. The smooth lines and color combinations reflect the unique vision and skill of the designers. This is why Pared Eyewear stands out among numerous eyewear brands and becomes the top choice for fashionistas.

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Brand Features: Refined and Sculpted

Every pair of Pared Eyewear glasses is filled with artistic flair. The brand’s signature design elements include the Pared signature notch, custom ‘p’ temple tip, and deco corner detailing. The fusion of these elements gives Pared Eyewear glasses a vintage charm with a modern twist, making you the center of attention whether you’re dressing for daily life or a party.

The designers at Pared Eyewear understand that a good pair of glasses should not only be visually appealing but also meet people’s practical needs. Therefore, they consider comfort and durability when designing each pair of glasses. The size of the frame and the length of the temples are carefully calculated to ensure that every user can find glasses that fit them perfectly.

High-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Pared Eyewear’s frames are handcrafted in China using the highest quality materials from around the world. These include premium 4-6mm cellulose acetate, Carl Zeiss UV400 lenses, and OBE screws. These high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship make Pared Eyewear glasses not only unique in appearance but also comfortable to wear and highly durable.

The lenses of Pared Eyewear glasses are equally impressive. They use Carl Zeiss UV400 lenses, which block all ultraviolet rays with wavelengths below 400 nanometers, protecting the user’s eyes from UV damage. In addition, these lenses are scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, oil-resistant, and water-resistant, ensuring clear vision in any environment.

Active Social Responsibility

Pared Eyewear not only focuses on the quality and design of its products but also takes social responsibility seriously. They collaborate with i=Change, contributing to charitable causes for every pair of glasses sold. Moreover, they consider sustainability in their frame designs, using bio-acetate materials and low-impact packaging.

Pared Eyewear’s social responsibility is reflected not only in their charitable activities but also in their product design. They are committed to creating sustainable fashion by using renewable materials and environmentally friendly production methods to reduce environmental impact. This concern for society and the environment makes Pared Eyewear more than just a fashionable pair of glasses – it’s a lifestyle.

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