This season, Levi’s collaborates with LEGO to create a new collaborative collection with the theme of “Play Again”, encouraging young people to unleash their playfulness and imagination and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of classic re-creation. In terms of design, the biggest highlight of this co-branded collection is undoubtedly the creative and imaginative interpretation of classic LEGO block patterns. Whether it’s the loose workwear silhouette, the bold LEGO elements graphics or the bright colors, all of them inject a more dynamic and eye-catching design into the series. The Levi’s logo is transformed into a Lego base plate for a playful look, while the bright and eye-catching color scheme is also used for details such as the I-beam buttons. In terms of craftsmanship, the three-dimensional effect of the new co-branded pattern and the classic LEGO building block elements are expressed on the garment, and the combination of positioning embroidery, brush embroidery, thread carving thick plate offset printing and other processes give the product a unique texture. Through faithful to the classic and full of modern language of imagination, giving players more wearing possibilities.

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