G-SHOCK has created an iridescent glass dial for the new Iridescent Color series, and uses a matte black and translucent case to present the rainbow expressive colors, the gradient crystal dial can change in sunlight, released DW-5600SR-1 , DW-5600SRS-7, GA-110SR-1A, GA-2100SR-1A and GA-2100SRS-7A five models.

On the five watches in the Iridescent Color collection, the colourful mineral glass dials are forged at a high temperature, resulting in a coating with a unique lustre that contrasts with the black and transparent straps. G-SHOCK’s proprietary dial glass process and the impact-resistant structure of the resin parts make the Iridescent Color series still have G-SHOCK’s consistent durability and practicality.

The DW-5600SR-1 and DW-5600SRS-7 feature square dials and streamlined straps, as well as Afterglow backlighting for illuminated digital displays in darker environments. The face combination of the GA-110SR-1A showcases a matte black hour hand and Neobrite luminous, and features a 29-zone world time, a 1/1000 stopwatch and a countdown timer. The GA-2100SR-1A and GA-2100SRS-7A feature a resin structure with super illuminator LEDs on the surface, digital display and 31-zone world time. Among them, the DW-5600SRS-7 and GA-2100SRS-7A also use a thinner dial design with a translucent resin case and strap.

All five watches on sale are shock-resistant and water-resistant to 200 meters. Not only that, each of the high-temperature treated rainbow dials is unique, reflecting different colors at certain angles. Whether worn in sports or as an accessory, it can also show the charm of this series.

The Iridescent Color series watches are now on sale, and interested friends can go to the G-SHOCK China official website and overseas brand official website to purchase.

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