Dior, headed by menswear creative director Kim Jones, and ERL jointly released the 2023 spring menswear show last month; after a lapse of a month, this time officially released the 2023 summer menswear collection at the Val de Grâce in Paris, showing 52 A new set of clothing and accessories, starting from the legendary Dior mansion Granville in Normandy, Paris, to the Charleston country house in Sussex, England, weaving a creative dialogue that spans time and space.

On the brand’s 75th anniversary, the eyes once again turn to Christian Dior, a collection inspired by Kim Jones’s creativity to recreate a splendid summer. Travel through the boundaries of time and space, from Paris to Granville, a rural Normandy town, the birthplace and legendary mansion of Mr. Dior; and then to Charleston in Sussex, England, for the Bloomsbury Pie Group) artist Duncan Grant’s country house.

The unpredictable changes of light and shadow and the natural environment are reflected in the use of tones this season, from gradient gray, pink and soft pastel to blue and green echoing the spirit of pragmatism, reflecting the themes of gardening, walking and fishing. The new Bar Jacket is woven in translucent silk-organza to complement the traditionally rigorous masculine structure, while the cotton long coat is casually draped over a technical reflective vest. A top in reflective technical fabric and traditional stitching inspired by Duncan Grant’s Lily Pond Screen (C.1913). The quilting on the coat reflects the brand’s signature cannage pattern, while Duncan’s sketches are translated into intricate hand-knits.

Mystery Ranch – a highly regarded high-tech outdoor brand in partnership with rescue services, has teamed up with the Dior workshop to create functional, multi-layered saddle bags, backpacks and fanny packs. Dior Carlo derbys feature an embroidered overshoe, the new cannage sandals use recycled rubber to create a one-piece silhouette, and the boots are meticulously sewn from two connected parts. Master hat maker Stephen Jones used 3D printing technology to construct the skeleton and uniquely stack the garden hat on the baseball cap, inspired by the straw hats Duncan Grant wore when painting, and the scaffolding erected in Mr Dior’s garden.

Celebrities including David Beckham, Cruz Beckham, Justin Timberlake and Naomi Campbell attended the show.

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