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About American Eagle

American Eagle Outfitters (AEO; American Eagle Outfitters) was established in 1977, headquartered in Pittsburgh, the United States, the design team is located in New York City, American Eagle Outfitters has become a super popular denim brand in the United States, dedicated to providing casual denim for customers aged 15 to 25 and trendy clothing. Since its inception, AEO has been committed to providing consumers with comfortable, stylish, high-quality casual clothing suitable for all occasions. Today; this brand with the valiant landing eagle logo has become a household name all over the world.


The American Eagle Outfitters brand dates back to 1977.

After decades of development, AEO has more than 850 stores in the United States, 79 stores in Canada, and 1,000 stores around the world. It has opened stores in 16 countries around the world, and the scope of store expansion has covered Dubai, Russia and Asia [2] .

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